Pierced sexy cutie Carmen is wet and willing

Pierced sexy cutie Carmen is wet and willing to show off her kick ass body for us in the bathroom.
Pierced sexy cutie Carmen

Pierced sexy cutie Carmen, is the bathtub your favorite place to play with yourself?
“It is, because of the water faucet. I’m a big fan of faucets. I let the warm water run over my itching clit and oh my god, I will cum over and over again! It makes me so horny that even after I’m out of the bath, and I’ve dried myself off, my pussy will still be oozing like an hour later! Then I get sticky-panty syndrome. But that’s okay because when that happens I like to take my panties off and sniff them. It turns me on.”

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What else turns you on?
“It drives me crazy when guys play with my clit ring and tug it gently with their lips. I like it when they nibble on my pussy lips, too. That always gets me wet and ready for a good hard fucking.”